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Who We Are

White Rabbit Group is a company that partners with world class agencies for web and mobile app development and design, letting our customers focus on what they do best, while we focus on building. We have a broad spectrum of technologies that we work on including PHP, React, Node, Strapi, Shopify, WordPress, and fully native and hybrid mobile apps, to name a few. We have almost 100 full time employees spanned across the US, Colombia and India and we work closely together to bring our customer's visions to life and to have fun!

What We're Looking For

We are seeking a truly passionate Front-End Developer with technical capabilities to drive and execute complex projects and initiatives in UI development. An artistic combination of programming skills and aesthetics is required to qualify for this position. If you are a lover of pixels and kill it in writing browser side coding, then you are our hire

Experience Level
7+ years


  • Be a member of the Technical Architect team and be part of technical initiatives and directions in the org.

  • Conduct code reviews in projects owned by you and also wherever necessary.

  • Define coding standards and automated code check in gateways for various technology stack in the front end.

  • Work on estimates and also closely with the sales team wherever applicable to close deals.

  • Provide solutions in project.

  • Identify gaps in the teams skills and help close the same.

  • Set technical directions based on current technology trends.

  • Perform POCs and provide roadmaps to achieve capability building in any new technical direction.

  • Advocate of User Centered Design principles and processes.

  • Ability to take great and complex designs to the next level with creative technical implementation

  • Understand and define design systems for component driven development.


  • Has a keen eye for designs and usability concepts.

  • Has strong knowledge in HTML/CSS.

  • Has strong knowledge in preprocessors and various CSS frameworks.

  • Is strong in building animations (2D particularly).

  • Has good Javascript knowledge and has good familiarity with frameworks such as React, NextJS, etc.

  • Has architected complex UI applications.

  • Has good knowledge on WCAG and accessibility.

  • Has good knowledge on SEO and strategies.

  • Great understanding of DOM, Rendering and everything related to the browser since that is the ecosystem your code renders.

  • Multi browser, multi device experience.

  • Understands caching and strategies for the same.

Bonus Points

  • Expert in JS.

  • Knows backend and can code in the backend.

  • Knows cloud and infra.

  • Experience working with class leading design studios / creative agencies.


  • Hybrid WFH policy

  • Health insurance

  • Annual company retreat

  • Team lunch

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About Us 2-MIN