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Mixed Reality Dev Days, hosted by Microsoft, was a hackathon event for developers to display new ideas using Microsoft’s cutting-edge Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK). To bring Microsoft’s vision to life, we partnered with September Works, a talented and experienced design studio based in Seattle, Washington. We can’t say enough great things about them and highly recommend checking out their studio! September Works designed a visually striking website that embodied the futuristic theme of the event, and White Rabbit Group assisted in bringing their vision to life. Using a color palette, inspired by the command line interface, September Works developed a brand system, composed of animated spirographs, futuristic gradients, and the bold Lineto type face which pays homage to early game consoles.

The Challenge

As the launch date for the interactive and futuristic website approached, we were eager to help bring the new designs to life. However, we had several challenges in front of us.

Tight Deadline

The final code for the designs needed to be clean, lightweight, and completed with enough time to allow Microsoft to integrate it with their existing Dynamics CMS.

ADA Compliance

We needed to familiarize ourselves with Microsoft's comprehensive ADA compliance standards to ensure the designs from September Works were compliant across all devices and viewports.

Agile Workflow

To keep pace we had to work iteratively and in parallel with September Works creative team and maintain flexibility with their design iterations.

Balancing Visuals and Functionality

We had to find a balance between making the website visually appealing and ensuring its functionality was intuitive and accessible to all users.

The Solution

When it comes to building custom websites, it's essential to have a team of experts who can incorporate advanced features to enhance performance. Our development team used Lottie Files to add intricate animations to the website, ensuring high performance. Working closely with the client and following an agile approach allowed us to make improvements to each design iteration. This approach was particularly beneficial as we focused on accessibility and user experience, which are critical components of a successful website.

The development team was determined to deliver a website that would exceed Microsoft's and September Work's expectations. To achieve this, we maintained regular communication with the client, providing them with updates on the website's progress. Our team's dedication and attention to detail paid off, resulting in a website that was completed ahead of schedule and received high praise from all stakeholders.

We provided thorough documentation and conducted a handover meeting to ensure a smooth transition for Microsoft's team. This meeting was crucial as it allowed us to explain the website's various features and functionalities. We wanted to ensure that the client had a full understanding of the website and could use it effectively.

The launch of the website was an outstanding success, with 1,750 registered attendees in its first week. This is a testament to the development team's expertise and focus on accessibility and user experience. Overall, our team's ability to work closely with the client, deliver a high-quality website ahead of schedule, and exceed expectations demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

Technologies Used

The Mixed Reality Dev Days

Pixel perfection, always.

The Mixed Reality Dev Days screenshots


User Engagement

Within a week, the client had 1,750 registered attendees.

Seamless Handoff

A clean, early handoff to Microsoft’s team provided ample time to integrate the site into their CMS before the big day.

Delivered Ahead of Schedule

With three teams working in sync, we hit the finish line ahead of schedule.

Excellent Accessibility

By following Microsoft's ADA compliance standards, the website achieved high accessibility for all users.

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