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This project was an opportunity for us to be a part of something special. The Game Awards celebrates the hard work of game development companies by putting them in the spotlight. We wanted to make sure the website was just as impressive.

Our goal was to update the website with the latest trends while also ensuring it was accessible and able to handle high traffic. By working closely with the Game Awards team and OnRepeat Studio, we were able to bring the website to life. We are confident that the end result exceeded expectations and left a lasting impression on the audience.


Fresh New Look

In partnership with OnRepeat, The Game Awards website received a bold, prismatic makeover. The entire site was redesigned in a new, glittering orange style.

Massive Site Traffic

Most importantly, we knew the site had to be able to handle high traffic during the nominations, reveal, and event. We had to build, test, and repeat to ensure it could handle it.

Inherited Codebase

Just like moving into a new house, the first step in development was to understand the structure of the existing codebase.

The Objectives

  • Provide a fresh new look that aligns with the new branding.
  • Learn the existing codebase quickly.
  • Stress test the code making improvements where possible—testing for traffic, security, and workflow.

Our Solution

A Bold New Style

We worked closely with OnRepeat to create a new look for every page, including fun new interactions and dynamic backgrounds without sacrificing clarity.

Unlocking the Unknowns

We started a discovery process to gain a better understanding of the codebase and workflow. After determining that the codebase was reusable, we developed a release schedule and began the project.

The Build

We reused the headless WordPress as the core technology stack for the site, built on ReactJS and GSAP frameworks and hosted on Google Cloud Platform. This allowed us to take advantage of the scalability and reliability offered by the platform, which was critical during the high-traffic event.

Implementing the Solution

We released pages in small batches as they were completed to minimize risks as we approached key dates with high traffic. Releasing in small batches allowed us to easily identify issues since there was less new code to review.

The outcome was a smooth, stunning, and interactive experience that held up well when voting started on the big night.

Technologies Used

  • Wordpress
  • React
  • Gsap
  • NodeJs
  • NextJs
  • google Cloud
  • Firebase
The Game Awards

Pixel perfection, always.

The Game Awards screenshots


103 Million Views

With more than 103 million views, the Game Awards website handled tremendous traffic with near-zero interruption.

45+ Million Votes

45,492,577 votes were cast in the main category, made easier by the use of Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, and Google SSO prior to the event.

Seamless Partner

Collaboration from the clients, through the design agency, and all the way to our development flowed smoothly. Great plans, quick approvals, and excellent execution.

A Night to Remember

From our place behind the scenes, we were honored to have participated in the celebration of game creators across the globe.

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About Us 2-MIN