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Sun Yi
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Sun Yi

Founder of Night Owls


Sun Yi on the Path to Personal Branding: Embracing Self-Learning, Life Lessons, and Authenticity


Sun Yi discusses his exploration of personal branding and the shortcomings of conventional education. He highlights the power of self-learning and shares invaluable life lessons learned from his enemies. Sun Yi discusses the importance of self-awareness, motivation, and culture. He also tackles the misconception that selling oneself is solely a communication issue.


Sun Yi is an entrepreneur, storyteller, and TEDx speaker. He founded Night Owls, a renowned digital agency in NYC, and started Night Owl Nation, a vibrant community centered around storytelling. With a commitment to authenticity, Sun Yi's journey taught him the value of embracing chance and focusing on the present moment. His philosophy is to approach tasks with unwavering dedication and trust that the universe will guide his path. Sun Yi's mission is to reshape online education by fostering genuine learning experiences and dismantling marketing-driven illusions.