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Who We Are

White Rabbit Group is a company that partners with world class agencies for web and mobile app development and design, letting our customers focus on what they do best, while we focus on building. We have a broad spectrum of technologies that we work on including PHP, React, Node, Strapi, Shopify, WordPress, and fully native and hybrid mobile apps, to name a few. We have almost 100 full time employees spanned across the US, Colombia and India and we work closely together to bring our customer's visions to life and to have fun!

What We're Looking For

As a Solutions Architect, you will play a key role in planning and executing some of the most critical technology projects for White Rabbit Group. You will be part of defining the technology roadmap for the organization, improving existing client relations, assisting our sales team to drive new business, and working alongside our project managers to help execute from the technology side. You will own the code quality of the projects you're involved with and define the process of what is being built.

This is a client-facing role where you bridge the gap between our client's requirements and our engineering team actually executing the development. The perfect candidate will have a deep passion for solving client problems with software integrations. If you are a technical geek that enjoys solving client problems, then we would love to talk to you!

Experience Level
10+ years


  • Engaging with our clients to assess and design the technical rollout and launch plan, if required.

  • Work closely with clients and their technical teams who are hiring us for our services while working with our engineering team on projects, spearheading technical requirement gathering, and communicating our needs and updates from a technical standpoint.

  • Build the architecture strategy and best practices for the engineering team with respect to the projects involved and ensure the highest quality code delivered in the projects.

  • Choose the technologies for the implementation of each component and connections between such; performs Architectural review and Code-reviews as needed.

  • Serve as the bridge between the business team and technical resources during development and implementation to ensure that requirements and dependencies are well understood.

  • Functionally decompose complex problems into simple, straightforward solutions while simultaneously ensuring high-quality architecture and design of systems.

  • Generate technical influence over multiple teams, increasing their productivity and effectiveness by sharing your deep knowledge and experience.

  • Problem solve and help team members on a variety of technical domains - CMS, Custom apps, Mobile apps, etc.

  • Conceptualize and drive technical initiatives to accomplish our Company's vision.

  • Work closely with the Business Development team by working on technical proposals, reviewing statements of work, and providing technical solutions as well as effort estimations.

  • Support and help with technical discoveries to define what needs to get built.

  • Be a critical contributor in growing technical partnerships as and when required.

  • Work closely with the Business Development team on new business scenarios and enable technical support in conversations, as needed. Be crucial in driving new business by being a strong technical presence in meetings and discussions with the corresponding stakeholders.

  • Conduct code reviews and provide solutions to improve the codebase and supports the team by providing solutions in the case of a technical blocker.

  • Support the Project Management team in critical situations by getting into the code and providing solutions. This is hands-on in the code in case of an emergency.

  • Assess the current architecture of a project and work with the technical team to recommend solutions to improve it.

  • Should be following a hands-on approach towards problem-solving and should lead from the front for technical initiatives and business-critical projects from a technology standpoint.


  • Minimum 10 years of experience leading and crafting technical projects, engaging with, and motivating change across multiple levels of IT executives and organizations.

  • Possess outstanding written and verbal communications skills, with the ability to go the extra mile with technical clients and/or to explain the most basic capabilities to a non-technical client.

  • Must be highly proficient in English, written & spoken.

  • Have previously worked closely with a Business Development team in handling solutions to describe what goes into a Statement of Work. Defining from the engineering side in order to help close deals.

  • Must be a Full Stack Engineer with Front End, Back End, Cloud, and Databases expertise.

  • Should be able to build highly performant, scalable, enterprise system architecture.

  • Should be able to define engineering best practices.

  • Research and benchmark technology against other competing systems in the industry.

  • Expert in Git or other version control software for source code management.

  • Expertise in cloud systems.

  • Should be technology agnostic while working with projects and building solutions.

Bonus Points

  • Have some experience in CMS - WordPress, CraftCMS, Drupal, Shopify, Contentful, etc.

  • Experience with mobile apps. Native and hybrid: Flutter/React Native.

  • Previous agency experience. White Rabbit Group is a service company.

  • Docker and containerization.

  • Experience in implementing and managing CI/CD pipelines.


  • Health insurance

  • Life insurance

  • Annual company retreat

  • Remote work

  • Monthly gym membership

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