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Instacart is shaking up the grocery industry with their mobile app that allows people to purchase groceries directly from their favorite stores using their phone or tablet. Once your order is placed, their shoppers get to work and conveniently deliver your groceries to your doorstep. Their mission is to create a world where everyone has access to the food they love and more time to enjoy it together.

We partnered on this project with the notorious, San Francisco-based group, Noise 13. White Rabbit handled the development, while Noise 13 did pretty much everything else. If you get the chance, check them out. They’re a great group of people!

Instacart Logo


We were tasked with rebuilding the Instacart careers website. This website is their digital presence for hiring new employees. Instacart wanted a website that showcased their brand and company culture, was easy to manage, and tied into an existing system used for hiring new employees.

The Objectives

  • Strengthen the company message and culture throughout the website.
  • The website backend needed to be easy to manage.
  • Increase the amount of job application submissions and overall appearance of the site.
  • Figure out how to make the job application forms look better and feel native to the website (no iFrames allowed!)

Our Solution

In order to solve the objectives for the new website, we decided to build it on WordPress. We built a fully custom theme on top of underscores for speed and easy custom-built management. The most important thing for us was to make sure the Instacart team had a website that can be easily managed internally since they are moving so quickly. That means quick content updates, generation of pages, and changes to a job listing.

On top of easy management, the next important challenge we needed to solve was the integration of a third-party management system called Greenhouse. This is an all-encompassing platform including job postings, job application submissions as well as recruiting.

The main components of integrating Greenhouse were the API’s, running a cron, and easy shortcode management in WordPress.

  • API: Our task was to figure out how to match the Job Details Page design, which included a job application form and allowed the ability to funnel leads into Greenhouse. One option was using Greenhouse’s iFrame, but that limited our ability to customize and we would have to sacrifice parts of the design. Instead, we built the job application forms using Greenhouse’s Job Board API. We built a reusable page template that dynamically changes its content based on the job that is selected and the form fields and content pulled from the Job Board API.
  • Cron: We pulled job listings from this API, stored it in our database, and created widgets out of them. We run a cron job every 10 minutes to refresh job listings from Greenhouse.
  • Shortcode: We created shortcodes for the job listing pages. With that, we integrated the ability to filter by team, location and count. We also added the ability to feature specific listings through an admin screen within WordPress. We added a shortcode that would display these featured jobs and allows the job listings widget to be filterable by featured jobs only.

Technologies Used


Pixel perfection, always.


Cleaner More Intuitive Website

The end result is a better looking, more functional website to attract potential employees.

Custom Built Plugin

We built a plugin that connects directly to the Greenhouse API’s so everything is connected live and easily displayed on WordPress through shortcodes.

Easy Job Applications

Ability to submit job applications with ease directly on the Instacart website.

Built on WordPress

The entire website is built on WordPress so the website content is easily manageable.

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About Us 2-MIN