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Guillaume Hamon
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Guillaume Hamon

Founder of REJOUICE


Designing Impact: Shaping an Agency Model to Empower Startups, with Guillaume Hamon


Join Adam and Guillaume Hamon, CEO of REJOUICE, in an engaging conversation about changing the design industry. Hear about Guillaume's transition from finance to leading design efforts and how he's helped startups like Rivian and Oura Ring set industry standards. Explore REJOUICE's focus on quality, global talent, and a unique profit-sharing model.


Guillaume Hamon, serving as CEO and Creative Director of REJOUICE, has significantly impacted the branding of innovative startups. He has guided two agencies, Oui Will and now his new venture agency, REJOUICE, to industry leadership. With over 60 awards across Awwwards, FWAs, Site Inspire, Behance, and the Webby Awards, Guillaume has profoundly influenced the valuations of numerous industry defining startups such as Rivian, Oura Ring, Rappi Pay, and others.