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Bill Kenney
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Bill Kenney

CEO of Focus Lab


Beyond Design: Building a Team and Culture for Success with Bill Kenney


Join Adam Weil as he chats with Bill Kenney, CEO of Focus Lab, about the real-world magic of branding. They touch on everything from starting out in Georgia to nailing big-name clients, building a team that clicks, and how AI is shaking up the design scene. Bill brings a down-to-earth take on why branding isn't just business—it's personal.


Bill's agency journey began in 2009 with ambition and a steep learning curve. Transitioning from designer to business leader, he's grown a team of over 25, steering the agency to high-profile projects with brands like Netflix and contributing to the rise of 18 unicorns post-rebrand. As the author of 'Conquer Your Rebrand', Bill and his team at Focus Lab pride themselves on creating a people-first workplace, certified by Workhuman.