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UI/UX Designer

Seattle, WA

Expand your portfolio by joining our team and work with some of the best global brands. We’re looking for someone to lead our current UI/UX team and manage all creative aspects of client projects during the design phase. Our focus as a company is on designing pixel perfect, industry-leading user interfaces and interactions for our clients and partners. If you think you would be a great fit, come join our team by submitting your portfolio below.

White Rabbit Group is looking for a UX/UI Creative Director to lead our UX/UI team. In this role, you will actively oversee all aspects of the UX/UI design process, serve as the point of contact for clients on large digital engagements, and envision creative, innovative solutions to complex design challenges. You will also collaborate with our development team to plan and execute strategic objectives on behalf of our clients.

If you are passionate about digital and user-centric design and bring lots of creativity to your work, then White Rabbit Group may be the place for you.

Qualified candidates will have great interpersonal skills and the ability to manage our most strategic client projects. Candidates should have experience in all aspects of customer experience and user experience design including: primary and secondary research, journey mapping, wireframe design, prototyping, user testing, interactive design & creative direction, QA & deployment. If this position is something that you see yourself excelling in, please submit your portfolio below.

Experience Level: 8+ years

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