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We’re hiring for a person to shadow our current lead team for System Admin / Devops tasks. We’re hiring for this position at the lower experienced level with 1-2 years under their belt or just out of college. Traits we will be looking for when hiring someone is that they’re truly passionate about system engineering, quick thinking, willing to learn, and excited to expand their skills.

White Rabbit Group is looking for a qualified Sysadmin to help with the implementation, optimization, administration, and technical documentation for all enterprise infrastructure systems. This is an entry-level position and will consist of shadowing our current team lead for Sysadmin and Devops tasks.

You will be responsible for research and troubleshooting to provide solutions for complex technical issues related to the server infrastructure, enterprise applications, and network services. You will contribute to policies and procedures to ensure that we meet compliance/security requirements and the needs of end users.

The perfect candidate brings energy and optimism to all tasks and has a willingness to learn and expand their professional skills. Submit your resume and portfolio below if you think you would be a good fit for this position.

Experience Level: 1-2 years

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