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A big part of every task that we do here at White Rabbit Group, is making sure it gets approved by our QA team. We’re pixel and code perfectionists at heart and want to ensure that every client task gets completed without error.

A QA Engineer is the last line of defense against design, UX/UI, grammar, responsive, code, and functionality errors when launching any new project. White Rabbit Group is seeking someone who has both the technical background and the keen eye for detail needed to be successful in this position.

QA Engineers for White Rabbit Group collaborate with members of the development and design teams to ensure a thorough understanding of client expectations. Experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript are required as well as working knowledge of Google Suite.

Since the QA Engineer position is crucial for delivering pixel-perfect, error free results to our clients and partners, a proven track record of successful QA deliverables is required. If you think you would be a good fit for this position, please let us know by submitting your portfolio below.

Experience Level: 3-7 years

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